Senator Claire McCaskill To Vote ‘No’ On Brett Kavanaugh | Hardball | MSNBC

Senator Claire McCaskill To Vote ‘No’ On Brett Kavanaugh | Hardball | MSNBC

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Senator Claire McCaskill announces tonight she will vote no on Brett Kavanaugh.
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Senator Claire McCaskill To Vote ‘No’ On Brett Kavanaugh | Hardball | MSNBC

32 thoughts on “Senator Claire McCaskill To Vote ‘No’ On Brett Kavanaugh | Hardball | MSNBC

  1. and now we need to vote NO on mccaskill, Missouri doesn't need your higher taxes nor do we need to be a sanctuary state and that's what mccaskill wants to do with Missouri

  2. Missouri needs to get her out of there she thinks everyone here is stupid she bragged how she tricked us last election she's got to go

  3. I'm an independent from missouri , and this was not a good choice on her part , missouri is very conservative and that was the final nail in her coffin ,

  4. All these Democrat comments have no common sense what so ever! Coming from a Girl myself People here in Missouri are begging to not have her! It's time she goes down with the others.

  5. Might have been prudent for some of these senators to keep their mouth shut considering midterms will likely get them booted for this spectacle they are putting on. It's kind of sad that's where we are. This guy is dancing his way through hearings and then what do you know? Better find someone to claim sexual harassment.

  6. Demshits crying a bucket full of tears! Watch the YouTube video the next news Network with Ford motor mouth protesting against President Trump. This is all political.

  7. For these dumbasses that say why don't kavanaugh have this investigated. Ford has to prove it. Why would you have your own self investigated. She said he said!!! Vote and go home.

  8. The last place you want a trumpite is in a life time supreme court appointment….he will make treachery legal! Surely you want your supreme court justices to be held to a higher standard than the dross trump has to offer! The GOP has lost its regard for diplomacy, very sad!

  9. Well said Janai Nelson!!!!!
    Kavenaugh has not proven to the American people he is worthy to be a LIFETIME MEMBER OF THE SC!!!
    Every Senator who votes YES to confirm Kavenaugh without further investigation can bet their jobs that many Independents, the Democrats, 1/3 of the Republicans, & most SMART WOMEN will vote OUT those crooked scoundrels for diminishing the integrity of the SUPREME COURT.

  10. It is great she is voting no, but it is the republicans that need to vote no in order to make a difference. When are any of the Republican women going to say no? As of yet, they are still on board with exactly how this issue is being handled and it doesn't look to me as if any are changing their minds no matter what comes out.

  11. Joshua Hawley helped get my inheritance from a Trust Company I couldn’t afford to sue! They were holding onto my money for almost 3 years! The Trust company wanted me to sign a document to release them from any liability and to refund them if they got sued!!!!!! Thank You Joshua for getting them to hand over my money in about 40 days!!!! Thank you for investigating the matter!!!!! Voting Joshua Hawley!!!!

  12. The risk is worth it to the Republican Party as they will have been successful in getting their ‘president pardoner’ on the bench. It will ultimately protect trump no matter which votes they lose in mid terms. Women’s rights, sexual violence be damned, he will be a Supreme Court justice despite Dr Ford’s right to be fairly heard and despite the American people’s right to have transparency in their Supreme Court appointee hearing.

  13. There only needs to be 2 Republicans that say no and he's not confirmed… Come on, give me 3 of you that have a backbone!!

  14. The fact tha Kavanaugh is being nominated by a moron and a crook says everything possible about his character, or lack thereof. Only crooks, liars and cheaters feel comfortable around each other. This man can not be honorable, he will only be a tool of the far right.

  15. The accuser or her parents should of called the police 36 years ago. Now she has to go before the committee and tell the truth.

  16. Women unite! Sick and tired of this disrespect of women especially from Trump who pays off his women! The silent hypocritical supposed Christians!

  17. Brett Kavanaugh was probably the least likely candidate to vote to do away with Roe Vs. Wade. Will democrats claim that every candidate that Trump puts up for SCOTUS confirmation are guilty of crimes against women in order to be obstructionists? The American people can see through the lies and deception of the democrats. You have the same playbook each time. I hope Trump chooses a candidate that is even more fair right.

  18. So, you have a congress woman who supports Guilty until proven innocent? At what point do congress follow the CONSTITUTION that they all swear they will uphold?

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