Seinfeld Conservatism | Ep. 634

Seinfeld Conservatism | Ep. 634

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While some conservatives fret over Trump’s character, Democrats set about dismantling the Constitution. Plus we ask Michael Knowles: Should women be allowed to vote?

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21 thoughts on “Seinfeld Conservatism | Ep. 634

  1. We the Demonrat MSM, decide what is newsworthy and which presidents are truthful. We control the vertical, we control the horizontal.

  2. So sick of the Dems and their war on Pres Trump machine, the MSM, that I cannot even look at them. But even more than disgust of the Dems and MSM are everyone whom have voted them into office. Politicians do what they do and play either their corrupt games of power grabbing, etc or compromises to push their biased agendas through, but a voter is simply given one precious vote as a citizen. Given that power by all those whom have gone before whom stood up for freedom and the Constitution with their blood and life. Each citizen has a sacred obligation to view both sides to a law being offered or being sure a person running for office is acting to uphold the Constitution and standing for the views of the person voting. What have some voters done with that one vote holding our nation in their hands? They have thrown it away to hatred and bitterness because they lost the election. Now instead of an election they are losing our country.

  3. First time I heard of Mika Brzezinski was when she threw a fit tossing up her notes on camera about having to report on something Paris Hilton had said. It’s the only time I ever hear of her. Not breaking a story, but throwing a fit

  4. In the interest of saving time and protecting the public from Trump's rhetoric, Schumer and Pelosi will present their rebuttal prior to the President's message. This way the public will only get a fair and truthful view of the issues that, due to their preemption, the President won't be allowed to present.

  5. Congradulations Mr. Klavan. You often bemoan your inability to get through your monologues without "cracking yourself up". Well you did it today.

  6. Damn you Andrew klavan the wall is necessary our so-called leaders refuse to change the laws this is serious and the people want a wall not political

  7. Vox Day talks about this all the time and actually wrote a book, "Cuckservatives". The conservatives who sit around and do nothing enable the likes of Cortez to get elected.

  8. My family: “so how do you avoid getting so frustrated when you watch all that political stuff?”
    Me: “I watch Andrew Klavan’s show”

  9. All Democrates should have their front doors of their homes removed in solidarity with the illegals. I bet you can get hundreds of volunteers to do the job for free.

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