Explosive: Russia Investigator Thinks Roger Stone Lied | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Explosive: Russia Investigator Thinks Roger Stone Lied | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

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A Trump-appointed Judge sent a powerful message in court today, defending Bob Mueller and reprimanding the lawyers for a Russian company charged with attempting to interfere in the 2016 election. Top Intelligence Chair, Rep. Adam Schiff, says the committee will share information with Mueller and is talking about “perjury charges”.
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Explosive: Russia Investigator Thinks Roger Stone Lied | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

25 thoughts on “Explosive: Russia Investigator Thinks Roger Stone Lied | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  1. Trash piling up because of the shut-down? Dump it at ANY TRUMP FACILITY!!
    Do a TRUMP DUMP!
    Golf courses and Trump buildings look great with trash in front of them…
    Please don't give in!!

  2. Roger Stone is the one behind all of this. He was playing one of his favorite games, one he has slipped up at in the past, PuppetMaster.
    Manafort was always the puppet intended to take the fall. If Mueller can expose enough of the strings Stone was pulling Trump will be convicted of Treason, if he can't Trump get's re-elected in a landslide, reveling in martyrdom, and Stone gets a pardon.

  3. "not that they were aware of" = it happened, but they don't want to indulge that. "not to my recollection" It happened, "i just conveniently forgot"

  4. I dont know but I kind of feel bad for Flynn and Cohen. Like they were corrupted by Trump but they're decently smart guys so really they should have known better and had some integrity. But they are the only two who seem genuinely sorry for the part they played. I even kind of feel bad for Don Jr. I mean he grew up in Trump World. Imagine how skewed his view of right and wrong must be. But then again he hunts endangered species, so screw him.

  5. Dear..Dear..Dear Mr Mueller..We need your HELP as soon as possible..It's getting really hard to live under this dictator..He continues to hurt Americans by shutting down American Jobs.. We know you have evidence to put this Con Man behind bars for the rest of his life.Please do your job a bit faster before he adds more debt that we'll be stuck with..He has done so much damage to our already broken system..Please Stop him..We CAN'T take Anymore..

  6. Mueller v Stone… career prosecutor v career bullshitter……doesn't end well. Mueller by first round knockout.

  7. As a traitor once said, lock them up, lock them all up! You think these brown shirt give a "F" about you or your children? Now they're empowered by the traitors that have taken control of your nation. Soulless corporate murderers PIGS need more money. Finish your time Gentiles, so we will be done with your perverse soulless system.

  8. The clock for Donnie is ticking.
    He is gonna get a licking.
    His whopper lies,
    and connections to spies,
    have got the treason claims sticking.

  9. It's about time we get this show on the road.
    Enough with the circus act. Trump and his cronies has monkied around, and lied, while trying to do everything possible to stall this investigation. Mueller needs to be left alone, and supported in this investigation. These people are crooks, and they should be thrown in jail for treason.

  10. If one were to look at the facts, it would become crystal clear that Roger Stone is an accomplished liar. Bending the truth is what he does.

  11. Trump is mentally unfit for office as president. This constitutes A NATIONAL EMERGENCY.
    He is emotionally unstable, unreliable and constitutes a threat to American security, both nationally and internationally.

    His doctor used the test called "Mini mental status" to “prove” Trump being psychologically fit.  This is a test which is designed to detect severe cognitive disability. A person can easily pass this test when still from other mental reasons not being fit to being president. It is like being an airplane pilot: He/she can pass this test, and still from mental reasons not being fit to be a pilot. Even though it is obvious that Trump suffers from malignant narcissism, psychopathic /antisocial disorder (lying, lack of empathy, ongoing breaking laws to enrich himself) and Attention Deficit, it is my opinion that diagnosing this person is not the way to act. Instead we should go after his actions, which must be revealed through investigations, hearings and by force getting necessary information like his tax information.
    By proving him having economic interests in foreign countries, together with making decisions in foreign policy which helps connected foreign interests but is contrary to American interest, much will be done. The results must be made public. I believe that even most of the republicans will leave him if this is done. The same about criminal activities like fraud and money laundry: It must be investigated, and the results made public.
    From these reasons Trump will not last as president out 2019.

  12. Once again we’re bringing up Russia. This is what liberals want to talk about. Why don’t you talk about
    Tax cuts
    Wages increases
    Where’s Isis????
    Trade war wins
    Consumer confidence
    North Korea
    Booming economy
    Stock market
    Your all simple minded sheep.
    You talk about Russia all for RATINGS
    You can never tell the truth. Your viewers would never watch you. Hahahahaha

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