3 GOP Senate Elections Caught In Illegal Campaign Coordination Scandal

3 GOP Senate Elections Caught In Illegal Campaign Coordination Scandal

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3 GOP Senate Elections Caught In Illegal Campaign Coordination Scandal

Carissa House-Dunphy – January 11, 2019 For years, the National Rifle Association has insisted that they are no more than a group of private citizens who support the Second Amendment’s guarantees of the right to bear arms. As many have suspected for some time, what they really are is an unregistered…

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13 thoughts on “3 GOP Senate Elections Caught In Illegal Campaign Coordination Scandal

  1. No surprise that the Russians have been implicated with the NRA to influence our democratically elected representatives behind our backs. That doesn't sound kosher, does it Senator McConnell?

  2. The problem with these laws is that if the cheaters win then they control the government, and there is nothing that anyone can do legally. Trump, and the rest of the crooked Republicans have to go. McConnell is abdicating the power of the senate by not bringing up legislation that Trump won't sign.

  3. I guess Republicans were right about campaign fraud. They knew it bc they were the ones committing it, but why be so stupid to try TO bring so much attention to ones own crimes by crying about 24/7 on national TV?

  4. Ya that son of a bitch .it all makes sense now .so he's bucking for a pardon too .news flash can't get a pardon from a president that's in jail .what's he playing at

  5. McConnell is a disgrace to our country. What he did to Obama from the get go was revolting. He doesn't know how to negotiate. Now, holding back budget legislation because it doesn't hold Trump's bloody wall monies, is despicable. He is as bad or worse than Trump by being the obstructionist he always has been. Hundreds of thousands of Americans aren't getting paid because of him and our security is fragile. Send McConnell away forever!

  6. Get rid of that son of bitch. Isn't there any way you can get rid of him.. Please do something. Why is the prick getting way with this? If any believe th dems have no balls and republicans have no balls..Get rid of them good people die. You all will be responsible. Terri

  7. So this is a violation of the law– who is going to prosecute the nra and lock these criminals up?! Or is tgat just another Russian ploy to divide our country– ANY one going to prosecute nra?!

  8. Has Trump's chaos finally reached its peak? He has created a FAKE National Emergency at our southern border in order to bypass Congress and finish off “his” wall; the most important sections of the border wall are already in place anyway. In the meantime, Trump has created a REAL National Emergency by shutting down the government and crippling vital national security operations at the airports and all other federal government operations.

  9. I'd iike to see the nra shut down until it can be reorganized and reopened as a group dedicated to disseminating training materials and services that promote safe use of shoulder-only firearms, as the "r", which stands for "rifle", in their name means. Let some other group do the same for pistol enthusiasts. Oh, throw the weasel wayne lapierre into the hoosegow for his role in turning the nra, which began with good intentions, into the politically disgusting club for left-wing hillbilly fanatics it has become under his aegis.

  10. So much evidence in plain sight! How smart did these people think they were? They had no idea how smart everyone else is!

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