Steve Scalise on whether Trump is facing Republican defections on border security

Steve Scalise on whether Trump is facing Republican defections on border security

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Republican Rep. Steve Scalise says the GOP remains unified on funding border security.

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30 thoughts on “Steve Scalise on whether Trump is facing Republican defections on border security

  1. Kamala, when fear resides in you, then everything that comes your way brings you into fight or flight, not sane negotiations.

  2. nasty pelosi and upchuck schumer are anti american. President Trump is the best leader AMERICA HAS EVER HAD better than reagan.

  3. The Democrats inserted race when they said he wanted the wall to keep brown people out of this country. Karmala is a racist joke

  4. Kamala Harris you got backwards, it is you, the Democrats after 8 year of a mixed race president who with hsi race brawls al he has done is to incite anti-white hatred and anti Americanism, creating division how we got here, so shut the F up you evil globalist traitor racist evil c**t worse than Obama, take a look in the mirror!!

  5. Pelosie and Schumer have not even gone to the order so how do they know what is really happening Democrats hate the President they are playing a dangerous game of chicken fear and division is led by Democrats President Trump has sign on drugs and human trafficking media silent people die everyday on border defending America it is a hopeless cause without a wall a manufacture coverup of drugs by opposition Democrats want the drug money that is immoral

  6. Representative Zinzinger, is a nobody who probably up for reelection, so like the sissy he is he's caving like most politicians do. Put him on the other side of the wall

  7. This is going to backfire on Trump.. Call for a National Emergency of the southern border AND open the government at the same time, now Trump still has the support of the people. Be the hero of the people by solving this shutdown. Even if that means taking defeat in battle, but not losing the war. According to people working for air-control the air-safety is getting hurt badly.

  8. There are so many jobs, millions, and I see companies looking for people constantly. That also includes jobs opening as people change jobs. Welfare job placement is terrible to bloat it even more. It's poor performance and job integration has to be fixed first. That's how things grow and acquire more. Within 1 mile today, while working, I (saw) 4 signs for jobs. In 1 mile. They weren't for singers and princesses on the TV and internet all day for free, funded by taxpayers. Real jobs. I've worked so many you'd blush. We have to engage welfare recipients who are professional SSI hustlers and put them to work. Every tribe in human history required integration and contribution. Welfare siphoning as a professional is not contribution. You have to teach humans to do something. It's just how life works. Every species on Earth does and has. Welfare has to work for it's money or it cannot be stuffed anymore. Welfare makes the hungry spirit weak in perp-e'tude'. It's only fair Democrats. Taxpayers never hear (Thank you) for all that our families have been donating to the psychology hustle for generations. Things like vulgar rap and breeding mania steal peace us blue collar workers die everyday working for, we earned it, and deserve peace from gypsyesque guilt. You have to start considering our security or you are disgracing the whole concept of freedom to begin with. No thank yous to taxpayers, just guilt for insane breeding that Earth has been doing forever.
    My father has a brain tumor, going blind. Then I watch Liberals blowing money without making their recipients do anything, and no thank you, ever. So screw me for them. Great axis…"thanks".
    5 billion is a joke to deny considering all you cost our citizens in overlooks. Be conservative and insist it to excuse-makers you're handing my ribs to. If they make an excuse, plug them in. Don't be foolish with taxpayers' help. Please AND Thank You.

  9. Fox propaganda is fake news. Laura Ingram lies. Jeanine Pirro is ugly inside and out. Square head Hannity is Insanity. Tucker Snarlson sucks. The job of the free press is to speak truth to power. Reporters have a duty to fact check Trump. Every time Trump opens his mouth, he lies.

  10. Trump lied when he said Mexico would pay for the wall, and failed to negotiate a deal when Republicans controlled all branches of government! A wall can be tunneled under and climbed over. Open government first, then discuss border security.

  11. The Trump temper tantrum government shut down is a distraction. Follow the money from Russia, through the NRA to the RNC, and arrest all Republicans involved for treason!

  12. The border wall is a distraction from the Russia investigation. The only wall needed is the wall around Trump with bars on the windows. Arrest Agolf Twittler for treason!

  13. Republicans are weak, gutless rats. They are the reason why the President is in this position. Stupid Republicans had the House, the Senate and the Presidency and waste their opportunity. These asshole Republican don't know how to fight. We will vote you all out if you people bend over on this and get screwed in the ass by these liberals.

  14. January 13, 2019

    A Quinnipiac poll of 1,147 voters reached on landlines or cell phones from Dec. 12-17 found that 54 percent of respondents opposed the wall and 43 percent supported it. A Harvard CAPS/Harris online survey of 1,407 registered voters conducted Dec. 24-26  found that 56 percent of those surveyed did not support a wall, while 44 percent did.

    Educate yourself!

  15. Still 100% behind Trump. Best President we've had in 100yrs. Ready to vote out Republicans who don't support his policies.

  16. The one dollar is not a joke. Its sarcasm. Say it Rep Senators. Its a challenge. She is telling the President and all those for the wall; I have arrived. I am in control. I am the boss. I am holding you by the throat or …. I can squeeze as I like. There is nothing you guys can do. The more you scream; Pelossi and Chuck gets greater satisfaction out of it. But I always believe in the last laugh…..just watch. For GOD said: HE hates the ones with haughty eyes….I see not one thing but all the six things that the LORD hates before our eyes.

  17. We must vote REAL RED in 2020! Any Republican that breaks ranks and votes on the Socialist Democratic party MUST GO! It is up to US to drain this swamp! DRAIN THE SWAMP, VOTE REAL RED IN 2020, VOTE TRUMP!!!

  18. Kamala pushes race every time she talks. It's amazing the the prejudice spewing is coming from the black caucus and political pundits.

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