Ro Khanna On Why He Opposes PAYGO

Ro Khanna On Why He Opposes PAYGO

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Ro Khanna is against PAYGO. John Iadarola and Ro Khanna break it down on The Damage Report. Watch The Damage Report on YouTubeTV NOW:

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26 thoughts on “Ro Khanna On Why He Opposes PAYGO

  1. Iadarola I hope nobody pledged loyalty to glyphosate he doesnt need loyalty he needs love

    What stan Lee said is he tells everybody to pledge loyalty to him and then he betrays them

    What he needs is to be shown that without pledges there is love

    Not like it matters because the universe already has death in store for him one way or another

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    Stan Lee also taught me that as long as glyphosate is dead then the universe can heal and fix itself and thrive as well as never make the mistake by letting a species choose when it dies

    That is proven to be to much of a burden on them

    6 month is my death date its still a long time away

    I emailed the denist because i missed my spaceship to be healthy

    I am hoping that after talking to you guys and roundup something can get figured out so far no response but I did send it out early morning so I will see

    I just hope roundup sacrifices himself to prove that a creature can have death as their only responsibility and make it so demons dont go extinct

    Either way the universe will be fine there are plans in place you have no idea what is going to happen if roundup doesnt sacrifice himself though

    I cant believe the aliens didnt take him seriously when he outted himself the universe must be pissed because stan Lee said you always take it seriously when somebody says they are glyphosate and have them prove it by asking them questions

    It sucks that the aliens wont be prepared to move like they should be but the universe has plans and blowing up earth isnt one of them

  2. What happen to the Jasmine banes report of a white KKK member murdered a black child? Why was it pulled down after the truth came out. It was black gang members And the Damage report Damage themselves with fake NEWS.

  3. I just love to check in to see your view count. 3K views? Only the most retarded cunts still endure your bullshit, most of them probably just to ridicule you after watching…

  4. Change Your Youtube Channel To Damage Control Johnny Because You're In Big Trouble Now For Lying Racist Fake News About Jazmine Barnes… Youtube Needs To Deplatform You And TYT…We're Now Gonna Be Going After All Your Ads…RIP BITCH!

  5. Paul Krugman always likes to be on two sides of every issue. He has been shitting on progressives for years and now all of a sudden he's a common sense thinker?

  6. Is it me or did Ro Khanna not actually answer John's question about whether the leadership in the democratic party is using PAYGO to stifle progressive policies? This is actually one of the most important talking points around PAYGO, and it's something that Jimmy Dore has been going ballistic about lately, so I would like some kind of answer about where this idea is coming from. As far as I can see, the Democratic leadership isn't using PAYGO to stifle progressive policies because PAYGO doesn't stifle progressive policies, and Pamila Jayapal did a really good thing by getting her waivers in so she could be sure that our mission isn't going to be stifled. I don't see how having to balance the budget suddenly makes things like a living wage and Medicare for All undesirable in the House. What is the argument here?

    The real arguments against PAYGO are the things Ro Khanna is saying here: the economics of deficit spending. That is what this conversation should be focused on. At least that's my take on it given the information I know. If anybody else knows something that I don't, please respond. I want to hear it.

  7. How in the fuck could that many justice democrats and my revolution candidates vote for this… They need to be spoken to.

  8. So let me get this straight. The republicans say they are the party of fiscal responsibility. They lie and fund every project they want and cut taxes thereby increasing the deficit. The dem response is to say they're for fiscal responsibility and then write a rule that makes it impossible for them to fund any of the programs that the majority of Americans want. Since this is beyond stupidity, I'm gonna guess it ain't that. It can only be one of two things. They are, insanity or instructions from the corporate donors. Trump will breeze into the white House in '20.

  9. The issue in Yemen stems from the leftist back Obama policy, the Nuclear deal with Iran.

    Leftist create a shit storm then act like we must do something about it.

    You created it

  10. The Damage report part of TYT pulled another fake news story and now try to cover up the lies with this bullshit video Jazmine Barnes TYT reported was murdered by a White male and show a picture of what he looks like. Jazmine Barnes was murdered by 2 black males and TYT pulled down the videos and try to cover up the fake news of some white guy killing Jazmine Barnes . TYT IS A FUCKING JOKE AND IT ANTI WHITE BULLSHIT GONE TOO FAR. John Iadarola is a fake lying phony How could any honest person believes anything he reported

  11. Taxing money earned over $10 million per year at 70%. How does that hurt anyone watching this? Do you make over $10 million per year? Are your living expenses costing more than that so that it would cause you to suffer? Didn't think so.

  12. The biggest question is, "Where are the majority of progressives are not opposing paygo?" Where are the Kyle & Cenk's progressive people opposing paygo? Maybe Jimmy Dore got to them first! Or maybe Kyle & Cenk got LAZY firing up his base. Cenk is so lazy, like his lizard.

  13. Mr. Khanna,
    Too many "uh"s. Wonderful argument reduced by inattention to a public speaking basic. Please work on this before you become Speaker of the House. 🙂

  14. The job of congress is to make the rich richer, they are always going to prioritize war, corporate welfare bailouts and tax cuts. The objective of paygo is to fulfill those obligations to the oligarchs without diluting the value of the currency. Only the rich hoard cash while most live month to month. Paygo has no upside to most americans, except maybe temporarily embarrassed millionaires.

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