Depopulation With mad Vybz and Aboriginal Q

Depopulation With mad Vybz and Aboriginal Q

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Part one
Chapter 1 nature and purposes
Article 2.G
To eradicate extreme poverty, which constitutes an obstacle to the full democratic development of the hemisphere; and
H) To Achieve an effective limitation of conventional weapons that will make it possible to devote the largest amount of resources to the economic and social development of the member states.
Chapter 2
Principles. Article 3K) Economic Cooperation is essential to the common welfare and prosperity of the people’s of the continent
L) The American States proclaim the fundamental rights of the individual without distinction as to race, nationality, creed or sex.
Chapter 3
Article 17
Each state has the right to develop it’s cultural, political, and economic life of the individual and the principles of universal morality

Article 33
Development is a primary responsibility of each country and should constitute an integral and continuous process for the establishment of a more just economic and social order that will make possible and contribute to the fulfillment of the individual.

Since you’re in the state of California and I am in another state

Article 35
The member state should refrain from practicing policies and adopting actions or measures that have serious adverse effects on the development of other member states

8 thoughts on “Depopulation With mad Vybz and Aboriginal Q

  1. Another good one, let me aid you. Example – you own rental property (US States) you the owner hire a management company to maintain all affairs (Federal Government). We the People needed advocates to protect our rights infringed by the governors of the States – Federal Government. Federal Government has a duel role. In the 90s I spent 6 years in the office of the WHO, CODEX regulations and I personally know what is being played out now is not what was intended then and the persons staffed were not tuned with Agenda 21 cos We prepared differently, We were preparing for Green and Organic protocols, UN and Mega Corps hid thier agenda until Our folks got to the Conference. Outsiders have to realize We all were plotted against by those who want what We have be us black, white, Melinated or not. Our Federal Government is not of the American People and We need to start looking for jobs within it to get Our voices heard. State Government is also taken and should be organizations We must list as potential employers.

  2. ONLY on this PLATFORM can you get the AUTHENTIC story….. our story……… This PLATFORM is the KEY to our REDEMPTION ……….. This PLATFORM has now UNLOCK a few KEY elements to who we are…….. Gods……. the Tar People……. the Tartarians…… we are all our Ancestors were.

  3. It so important to self identify. Cause they are trying to kill of us to get us off the land to get resources. Know your rights and heritage. Eat healthy and stay positive my Indigenous peoples.

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