” What a STUPID Thing To Say”   Ben Shapiro Rips ESPN Host Max Kellerman Over Stupid Comments

” What a STUPID Thing To Say” Ben Shapiro Rips ESPN Host Max Kellerman Over Stupid Comments

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43 thoughts on “” What a STUPID Thing To Say” Ben Shapiro Rips ESPN Host Max Kellerman Over Stupid Comments

  1. First take in unwatchable. Stephen A and Max make it well known where they stand politically and they have no problem reminding everyone that dosen't believe that Trump is racist that they themselves are racist.
    And of course every so often they trot out Will Cain, the community conservative. And Stephen A and Max take every chance to belittle him and invalidate him and his credentials and his knowledge. Use it as a chance to show their viewers how dumb and uninformed the conservative is. The whole schtick is just really tiresome.

  2. All because Tiger Woods simply said I'm hungry I don't want to talk about politics with you you're Sports channel anyway shut up

  3. Racist racist everywhere racist racist here and there they put on socks they are jocks they live in boxes and take up spaces that makes them racist they live in boxes and take a spaces that they live in boxes and take a spaces that makes they live in boxes and take a spaces that makes them rice they live in boxes and take a spaces that makes them rice at they live in boxes and take a spaces that makes them rice at race they live in boxes and take a spaces that makes them rice at they live in boxes and hang with foxes In Living Spaces that makes them racist darebee everywhere. I have decided to take over doctor Seuss's space but my story is about race not the kind you run I have fun but the one where yeah I don't know what I'm talking about I'm going to go eat some waffles

  4. Sports news that's what ESPN it's supposed to do report sports news I want to know what the hockey teams are doing the basketball teams the baseball teams the football teams the NASCAR guys everybody swimming golf I want to know what they're doing sports Fox CNN and all those other wacky Nation Networks they report news not you ESPN so stop reporting politics and do what you're supposed to do important sports news. Tiger Woods is half black half asian, he's not African-American because he's not from Africa any a**** who thinks they're legitimately African American should talk to my neighbor who's from the Congo who keeps asking me why do black people from America think that they are African American.

  5. Max Kellerman has always been desperate to be a black man. Tried to be a rapper when he was young and worships black athletes. What a pathetic fuck.

  6. Ben clearly has no idea what he's talking about, Stephen A referenced the fact that Tiger HIMSELF said he doesn't consider himself black because he is 1/8 Asian. He did not say that he now does not consider Tiger to be black. Speak on what you know Ben, STAY IN YO LANE!

  7. Max Kellerman and Stephen A Smith or just a bunch of lunatics on ESPN they need to be shut down not to mention they're so contradicting.

  8. The left have done things never imagined in world history. Hillary is not in prison. Don Lemon has a job. Bill Clinton has not been convicted of rape. Max kellerman has a job. California lost its middle class in 20 or so years. These are terrible things that will shape the west in very negative ways. (I forgot to bring up that our collages have become high priced institutions of non science based leftist propaganda). And yes kellerman can be seen on CNN.

  9. the white people who put race everywhere and talk about black people as some victims all the time, are the same people who would own slaves when the slave trade existed. those people are racists. they believe that if a black person is not acting ghetto and hates trump, he isnt black. you hear that black people? white liberals are going to tell you if you are black enough. yes, because you are not qualified to determine things on your own. you are just a poor victim, a poor pet. liberal white people will think for you because they just understand things you will never understand. of course, i am writing that in a cinic maner, but to portray what white liberals really believe. the low expectation racism. for white liberals, a black person is someone who cant succedd and is mentally broken. thats their message to black people. if you are successful, you are not black.

  10. Serena is an awful person and looked horrible in that body suit. I do believe Serena has a Cock and A big set of hairy balls.

  11. ESPN just signed a mega contract with the UFC which is Pro Trump so I dont know how ESPN going to tippy toe around the fact that the UFC has marketed a paper champion as a pro trump guy who actually got to visit the White House and take pictures with Trump.

  12. Ben cracks me up. Just exposing stupidity daily. I feel sorry for whoever debates him in the future he absorbs so much information.

  13. I'm hardly a fan of Tiger Woods (who is?). But I actually applaud him in this case for recognizing that nobody cares what he thinks. That's something a lot of celebrities don't really get.

  14. Steven A Smith has too much saliva in his mouth. Listen to him talk. You can hear it. That whit patch on Max's left corner of his mouth looks like tooth paste.

  15. Max Kellerman is possibly one of the smartest people to comment on sports and especially boxing. Yes he goes off the rails a bit with political talk but that doesn't take away from the fact that he is probably too 5 commentators in sports and top 3 in boxing. Can't take that away from him.

  16. That is the typical condescending, racist white liberal attitude; blacks are supposed to think, act, and, most importantly, vote, the way white liberals want them to.

  17. The media makes race an issue in America. Making something way worse than it actually is. Leftists hate giving credit to progress!

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