Gay Marriage Equality Rights March San Francisco California!

Gay Marriage Equality Rights March San Francisco California!

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From — I had just stepped onto the balcony of the luxury Viking Hotel, for a breath of, fresh air. Once again, history came marching right up to my front door, passed by and kept on going. The Supreme Court of the United States is hearing arguments tomorrow (3-26-13), but tonight thousands of giddy hopefuls staged a massive rally and march in support of marriage equality. I felt an upbeat exuberance not seen since the infamous “Winter of Love”, when Gavin Newsome issued over 4,000 marriage licenses to gay couples in 2008. A series of court battles and the hateful voter initiative prop 8 ensued. Most pundits expect equality to win.

Here’s another video I’d like to recommend, it’s funny, entertaining, and especially instructive to homophobes. It’s a song by Katie Goodman’s vocal comedy trio, it’s called “Probably Gay — The Homophobia Song”:

44 thoughts on “Gay Marriage Equality Rights March San Francisco California!

  1. Well Miguel, the only one BITCHING here is you. If you really did your "research" well You'd realize that CALIFORNIA is one of the states that allows same-sex marriage. Obviously, the public school system (which gay people help to pay for with their taxes) hasn't taught you well, since you are the 'retard' here. If you don't like that, then do some more research & move to another state which doesn't allow same-sex marriage, & quite YOUR bitching, retard. DUH.

  2. You Need To Stop Living Everyone Else's Lives. And Start Living Your Own Life. REALLY: Someone Else's Personal Life Is None of Your Business. To Infringe On The Personal Adult Choices Carries Nothing But Contempt and Disrespect That Is Abnormal and Ignorant To Say Plenty. It Never Surprises Me What I Run Into Each and Everyday of My Existence.

  3. Our Country Has Been Put Through The Ringer Already. We Need To Get On With Our Own Lives and Stop Living Everyone Else's. Our Economy Has Been Taken Beating Over The Prop. 8 Non-Sense. Our Customers In Retail Who Are Gay Have Been Forced Out Which Created This Non-Sense To Begin With. It Is Your Feeling And No One Else's. Having A Responsibility To Your Own Life and No One Else's Is Most Important Here.

  4. BEING MORE CONSTRUCTIVE: Concerning These Matters. Will Make Things Far More Easier All Around. To Even Communicate No Matter What The Subject Is. Then Building That Foundation From There.

    Than Any Prejudice. Whether We Are Right or Wrong About This. It Is An Adult Choice That Not Everyone May Agree With. We Have To Live With Our Decisions. As Long As No One Tries To Undermine The Economic Structure In Any Manner Concerning Our Freedom of Choice.

  6. GAY'S: Bring Our Economy Into That Wonderful Future As Dreamed. With So Many of Us Living Our Own Lives As That BIG OFFICE BUILDING With Many Gay's Working in
    That Beautiful Building. Another Day In Paradise or Downtown Train As Pictured or Sensed.

    ECONOMY. I Am More Interested In Our Retail Structure Having Customers Who Care About One and Other Most of All. Especially To This and Every Other County and Community. GAY RIGHTS: Is Key To Our Economy in California! Gay Marriage Is Beautiful and Colorful Let Alone Bright as well as Wonderful!!!!

  8. you are partially right, peace and freedom will prevail
    but islam will not, since islam is neither of those two things

  9. Why do you gays care so much about getting married now? Gays have been around for 10,000+ years and you never bitched about marriage until now?

    Also are you sure you want to do this? I can defently see gay marriage getting legalized then 5 years down the road or so you idiots march down the streets saying "we dont want to give half our stuff away in divorce".

    Plus no civil rights movement in America has ever worked the complete opposite happens.

  10. If you gays cannot respect America then its time to ship you to Saudi Arabia. Theirs alot of "equality" work you can do their. BTW 22 nations around the world put gays to death for only being gay.

  11. the reason why they havent beeen cursed or doom centuries ago is because god will allow them their sinful choice of freedom…in other words god has turn away and what you might call abandon….they have a depraved mind ..which means the brain no longer functions as an understanding what is right and what is wrong the mind is gone and they choose the sinful path and its not just homosexuals ,all sin that the mind refused to turn from and repent ,but god has abandon a society that will not listen

  12. If they Do Make it Legal It will never be real marriage, they will never be able to share their own kids, they may not have job benefits for their family as if a man May have for his wife and kids. to me it will never be right. Its just my opinion guys.

  13. gay marriage is wrong guys. In the Bible it was said for man and women to be together, married and multiply , yall this is very serious if we let this same sex marriage be legal, we will be doomed, and the world will have a lot of bad luck because we are going against what the bible says.

  14. I lived with my lover for over 10 years. He cheated on me and I cheated on him. Today I'm married God's way. My wife and I share the good news that Jesus can set you FREE from any sin and that includes the sin of homosexuality. I know that most people hate to hear the truth of God's word so they create their own god, however, there is ONLY one God and ONLY one way to heaven.
    I USED TO BE ADDICTED TO MEN, BUT 7 YEARS AGO JESUS SET ME FREE! (YouTube video) I have had NO ex-gay therapy!

  15. Oh, I see, you're playing the smartarse "any gay guy can get married!… as long as it's to a woman" card, aren't you. My sides… they're splitting. Obviously that's theoretically true, but that's not what the issue is; the issue is the fact that it's not yet legal for two men or two women to marry each other. You're just being inane for the sake of it now, I can tell.

  16. Way to be ridiculous!
    Also, who says someone shouldn't marry the Eiffel Tower?! It's shapely and beautiful and always hard. Don't mind if I doooooo.

  17. (continued)
    2) But it's making a choice about something that a child is too young to understand or even need. Deciding what they eat, fine. Deciding how much exercise they get, fine. Marriage? No. (This argument began with the mention of child molestation; I'm not building a straw man.)
    3) But people don't consent to being victims of said crime. It's not a difficult concept. In a relationship of mutual love between two men or two women, there is mutual consent.

  18. 1) If it has nothing to do with sexual preference, why are we discussing whether two men marrying or two women marrying is right or not? The reason gay people aren't yet allowed to get married in most places is because people believe whole-heartedly that marriage is specific to heterosexuality. I agree that orientation should have no significance in marriage, but obviously some people don't, hence why it's not yet legal for same-sex couples.


  19. hopefull sooner!! I don't mind two guys getting married, can't be bothered by 2 girls being in love…at the end of the day all that counts is the character, not what happens in the bedroom. Only people with a very dirty ugly imagination and a narrow mind are against it….

  20. 1) "Crime conspirators can consent too." …I don't see your point.

    2) Decisions are made for their well-being, such as health and quality of life. If you think taking advantage of a child's lack of understanding of adult relationships is comparable to that, I worry about any kids you might know.

    3) It's only being called "gay marriage" because it's not currently recognised as equal to marriage between heterosexual couples. When it is (and it will be), then it'll be simply called "marriage".

  21. not to mention some religions before Christianity had marriage that was for both homosexual and heterosexual couples. so really the "traditional marriage" that so many people try to bring up never existed

  22. Sexual Orientation is not currently a legal factor in marriage. Gender is the significant point. Every member of society, to my knowledge, has a claim to a gender, and therefore has a claim to marriage, should they have the privilege of finding someone willing to enter into marriage with them. A gay man and a lesbian woman are freely allowed to marry. Sexual orientation does not prohibit them from marrying each other. They have in their possession the very right that they claim is denied.

  23. Kind of pointless to argue on the Internet. This is a CIVIL RIGHTS issue and it disgusts me that I live in a country that still hasn't legalized same-sex marriage and that supposedly was founded on equality.

  24. Of course, but that doesn't mean there isn't a difference in the morality of each. Child molestation and/or adult-child relationships are immoral due to the fact that a minor is invariably too young to understandingly consent to a relationship/sexual actions with an adult. Gay marriage isn't, because two adults can consent.

  25. You should have noticed that legality in my statement was in reference to an individual's ability to understandingly consent to a relationship with an adult, as opposed to the status of an action being literally legal or illegal.

  26. Then it simply comes down to a matter of taste, and while that may for you constitute a reason not to let your daughter marry an 80 year old, it does not constitute a reason to make it illegal, or stop it from happening between people you don't know.

  27. How about a 16 year old with a 80 year old since their old enough to understand. I know i would never let my daughter marry an 80 year old.

  28. Because it involves two adults with express consent. A child is legally incapable of understanding/consenting to an intimate relationship with an adult, let alone a marriage. (The clue to the lack of consent was also in your use of the word "molester".)

  29. How is two same sex couples any better. All the reasons you will give me are the reasons why i dont apporve of same sex marrige.

  30. It's not the same at all, and you know it. A relationship between two consenting adults is not the same as a 'relationship' between an adult and a child.

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