CROWDER CLOSES: Crowder’s Thanksgiving Goodbye | Louder With Crowder

CROWDER CLOSES: Crowder’s Thanksgiving Goodbye | Louder With Crowder

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In an emotional closing segment, Steven Crowder explains why he’s taking an extended holiday, and what to expect in the new year.

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40 thoughts on “CROWDER CLOSES: Crowder’s Thanksgiving Goodbye | Louder With Crowder

  1. We’ll be back! In the meantime, let us know what kind of content you want more of in the comments! And what was your favorite LwC video of the year?

  2. I go to Regis University in denver and on Halloween I put up posters saying "it's ok to be white" on campus, a few days later a mysterious person went and put swastikas under the doors of prominent Jewish and black faculty members, the school knows that I did the posters on Halloween but they still haven't said anything to me directly. I think they think I know who did the swastikas but I have no idea, can the school punish me in any way or would that violate the first amendment? I'd love to hear opinions on what I should do.

  3. If you get raw, organic, gluten free fresh cannabis leaves and soak them in snake oil, it'll cure any disease, including cancer. But it can't cure gemini.

  4. Been sat here for 2 weeks waiting for your videos, never even saw this one pop up .. damned YouTube.

    Youtube has been boring these last 2 weeks without my Crowder fix.

    I don't live in the US, I'm over here in the UK.

    However what I would like to see in the New Year is as follows;

    – More Change my Mind's, or perhaps more revisited Change my Mind's as they are amazing, where possible perhaps get back people you had good discussions with in the previous segments and see if their minds have changed since you last spoke. (potentially a phone in change my mind) to prevent huge costs and setups.
    – More shortened segments, like highlight reels of your podcasts etc, little bytesize nuggets. I don't like investing in hour long videos on YouTube without know in advance what they contain, perhaps a contents breakdown at the start of your hour long segments would be good with timestamps that way people can look and think, "oh I really like that but don't want to watch everything"
    – I like the idea of having your staff taking over for Segments, as it would give an alternative view point to yours and then allow you to do other things or just relax.
    – It would be nice to see a more professional and broken down segment on major issues rather than the comedy angle, don't get me wrong the comedy angle is good and what i love about the show, however going forward when you are making fun of certain topics/people it can be taken by some as a "oh this guy is a comedy guy so its probably not worth listening to the message" which is a shame because your messages are on point. (don't remove the comedy, but perhaps have like a Jerry Springers final thought segment where you get serious and discuss stuff with a more serious stance)
    – I'd like to see more people being taken out of their comfort zone like when you get those who've never fired a gun before, and take them to a shooting range, those were some of the best video's I've seen because its better and more effective to show people what they and you are talking about and have them experience it first hand, almost everyone in those video's left with a new perspective.

    Other than that, keep everything the same, its great!!


  6. What's this about Glenn Beck? PLEASE GOD….tell me you're not collaborating with him………the guy is a serious nut job.

  7. I love LWC!! Hate to hear you guys will be taking a break, but love that it is for a good reason. Stay healthy Steven! God speed!

  8. Get well soon. Sorry you are not feeling well. I would love to see some more of Not-gay Jared to fill in and produce a handful of segments, uncover, etc. love to see more.

  9. Hey Steven, I hope you see this comment. When you come back, healthier than ever, I'm going to celebrate your return with my first ever mug club membership. Take care of yourself!

  10. 1. I do not think anyone who listens to LwC could possibly choose what our favorite video of the year was, they are all funny videos to watch.
    2. You and Ben Shapiro have skyrocketed my knowledge about current and past events, I an looking to spread my improved views upon the ignorant ones who shall not listen to you.
    3.May god bless you and bring you a speedy recovery

  11. @StevenCrowder, Bro, I hear ya! I have to have freakin' gallbladder surgery on December 27th. I've had to slow down too. Prayin' for you!

  12. Hey Steven I think you should check out this guy named polidice he’s made some “response” videos on you and I think it would be funny if you responded to them because they aren’t very good and he doesn’t really know what he is talking about

  13. I watched this to find out why he hasn't posted in 2 weeks. Now that I know why, I'm both relieved and anxious. Can't wait for the next video, and I hope Stephen has a great recovery.

  14. hello you're a very funny guy I know that guy Jeffrey on Facebook is a great guy don't listen to the lies and gossip about him people are just jealous. I'm glad Jeffrey filed a lawsuit against these jerks have a great holiday and keep up the good work

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