“IT’S A DISASTER!” CNN Mark Warner ANGRY REACTION To Trump’s Latest Responds On Mueller & Cohen

“IT’S A DISASTER!” CNN Mark Warner ANGRY REACTION To Trump’s Latest Responds On Mueller & Cohen

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“IT’S A DISASTER!” CNN Mark Warner ANGRY REACTION To Trump’s Latest Responds On Mueller & Cohen
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22 thoughts on ““IT’S A DISASTER!” CNN Mark Warner ANGRY REACTION To Trump’s Latest Responds On Mueller & Cohen

  1. Dumb assessments and zero proof "He met this guy, talked to the other guy he said this he did that" Speculation BS and lot of hating deluded misinformed people

  2. Convicted russian spy posed as a reporter plant in trump campaign to insert question about trump lightening russian sanctions. That was staged. And that spy caught BUTINA. trump knew that question was coming and at that moment he went off prepared script and said why “no” why sanction russia. Why sanction a country known to be trying to hurt and actively attacking america? Murdering others in UK?

    Seriously. Why sanction them? Why hassle Saudi prince about assassinating people? SERIOUSLY WTH!!! Russia installed trump and trump corporation has deals with these despots and he is compromised. And if your leader is compromised…you country is compromised/unsafe. Build the wall around the traitors and the traitor supporters .

  3. this mothersucker wanted to be famous and on tv all the time.well, there you have it. he is infamous and on tv all the time. and with all the flashing lights come the glare. exposes all the roaches from their dark corners.

  4. All your liberal whiners are only making Trump more popular! now every house hold is saying Trumps name thanks to your free advertising. you are digging for stuff that doesn't matter.

  5. Trump signed a Moscow Trump Tower project letter of intent. That kind of commitment to a project of that scale is not easy to cancel. Has it been cancelled? If not, Putin has Trump by his financial [email protected]@#.

  6. See Facebook Zuck trying to save job as he transfers assets to wife's foundation, AND clinton foundations all over the world used to sponsor disaster relief organizations like $13.3 billion Haiti relief fund TRACED to human trafficking [Laura Silsby child kidnapping arrest bailout by Clinton] Jimmy Savile blackmail network, Weiner in jail May 2017, and ZZuckoo 's Facebook used by internet ring to target kids into sex trafficking, well after losing project with China and loss of billions [people not dollars] the investors dropped shares BECAUSE MEDIA FAILED TO DELIVER ON CLINTON GUARANTEED TO WIN ELECTION. and even TWO YEARS trying to reverse election [REMEMBER ALL THE NETWORK CRYING ON ELECTION NITE?} "We can fix it; give us another change; even if it takes war, bloody revolution, assassination; WE CAN GET THE PUBLIC BEHIND IT; give us a third chance; we can get them to assassinate]

  7. All hail, the great American television news networks, where one can find one story being exploited as the biggest since the invention of sliced bread, at another is to be avoided as if a bubonic plague, would be facing certain death if covered or even mentioned.

  8. Trump is disgusting, he circled Hillary like a mad dog, calling her crooked Hillary and the whole time he's a gangster mob boss. What a joke.

  9. A "real" and "strong" president would insist on meeting Putin and looking him directly in the eye and saying… "Putin, you have now overstepped your boundries. My world allies and I are going to make sure yoy don't proceed one more inch with your political tampering… and your bully military tactics in the Ukraine. Now…

  10. This… turkey… is… done!
    Robert Mueller is the cook.
    Michael Cohen is the saucier'.
    We the People are the guests.
    We're late for Thanksgiving Day.
    Now, let us thank the good Lord.

  11. Stop holding the public and the country and its resources hostage to this BS. The democrats just can't take it that someone won without playing by the dirty rules the democrats play by. They are now ashamed of themselves because he won without the dirty rules they play by. Trump won by playing fair and openly. The public loved it and that's why he was elected. Now the Dems are ashamed of themselves because someone like themselves didn't win by the dirty rule-book they all play by. Even if they lost to someone like themselves, they'd be happy. I can't believe my tax dollars are allowed to fund this BS Russia "investigation". I feel like a hostage.
    So, if Trump was planning on building a building in Moscow, was that supposed to be some kind of bribe so the Russians would work their black magic on the US elections? Ok, so was the building built after Trump won? No, it wasn't right? So, how does that work? If the building deal was a bribe, then since he won, how come the Russians didn't get their building? Did Trump trick Putin out of his Penthouse after the "Russians helped him win"? Oh, but Trump and Putin are so Smoozy with each other, the democrat-media all say. I guess Putin is too in love with Trump to hold it against him that Trump punked him out of the promised penthouse. Love is blind. How sweet.
    Trump said he kept the deal going while he ran in case he lost. So it makes no sense that the building was planned to be built if he lost and was not built when he won, that the building plan was some kind a bribe to help him win. If it was, then why was it not built when he won? Maybe because what Trump said was true, that he wasn't going to scuttle his business plans before he knew he won. So, that does not work at all to throw suspicion on Trump. What he said makes perfect sense and there is no reason to keep suspecting him of these things, on this one either. So, I guess onto the next straw to grasp onto!
    They need to bring this to a close. Stop! They have nothing solid to go on and it is taking up the public's resources and time. I shouldn't be paying taxes to fund witch-hunts. Obviously, it's a witch-hunt. (Funny how the witch-hunters never found Hillary BTW. Real witches get out of jail free. ) Maybe Trump himself should put a stop to this, because they are never going to stop it or bring the case to a close. They are going to use this the whole time he is president to keep up the diversion. It's not fair to those who voted for him, to his family, to the country or to himself.
    Want to make America Great again? Then put an end to this petty diversion, so we can all focus on some real issues – finally.

  12. No one in their right mind should believe a word coming from anyone in the USA. The Government, the Congress, the White House, the Intelligence Services, the Military and its Corporate cohorts, the disturbingly dishonest media and the un-informed people.
    The country is awash in lies and hypocrisy.
    The constitution is not worth the paper its written on.
    The American people are so poorly informed and so moronically partisan, that they are incapable of making an informed decision on anything.
    Back in 1798 Jefferson warned you this would happen.
    Trump is without doubt a repugnant and dishonest individual. But, …….so are the people going after him.

  13. The Muller investigation has Trump shook. Time to save face. This is why he wants to ACT presidential concerning National Security with Russia now. Wow! This administration is just a bunch of criminals. I hope America's eyes are open now.

  14. Well , yeah, I WAS running deals on the side, but I said it so, it's ok, because I don't believe on all your stupid laws, but I am a law and order president, just look at how I enforce MY laws on little kids at the border, and that's all the thanks I get for being the best number one, only good president this century. blah, blah, blah……….

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