Eric Trump just launched a ridiculous Twitter attack on Kellyanne Conway’s husband

Eric Trump just launched a ridiculous Twitter attack on Kellyanne Conway’s husband

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Eric Trump just launched a ridiculous Twitter attack on Kellyanne Conway’s husband

President Trump’s adult sons are like a cartoonist’s unsubtle stab at the archetype of bumbling trust fund children. They are incapable of stringing together coherent thoughts of their own and seem to exist solely to lavish their equally idiotic father with undeserved praise. Few figures better represent the moral and intellectual rotting of modern American conservatism. In saner times, they would…

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18 thoughts on “Eric Trump just launched a ridiculous Twitter attack on Kellyanne Conway’s husband

  1. Every time I see such stupid, off the wall comments, I wonder if they ever pick up a book on hildabeast, etc. Or a documentary, why not try that? But then I remember how hard it was for me to admit the truth about hildabeast and bombom back when I was a never trumper. I know it's hard for you people to admit the truth, losing all your pie in the sky illusions. Before I searched for the truth, I only read things that supported my former beliefs. Now I read everything both bad and good I can find on President Trump and bombom and hildabeast. But I'm willing to face the truth. Trump is no angel, but after finding out how hildabeast disposes of people against her, sending them on a one way ticket to meet the angels, I have to say, anything bad he has done pales in comparison to the heinous acts she has committed. See CLINTON BODY COUNT, CLINTON CASH, CLINTONS IN HAITI, THE OTHER WOMAN,ETC. ETC. THE LIST GOES ON AND ON. I wish people would stop trying to prove what they believe is true and refuse to look at the truth.

  2. He does know his dad cheated on his mom doesn't he? Then cheated on a playboy bunny with a stripper? Number 45 is full of number 2

  3. they act like there intelligence has been insulted, if kelly–ann and her husband are so argumentative they must be hiding something than you are a TRAITOR to your president or suspicious that people will find out if we keep arguing like this, stop being so suspicious. so If they are hiding something then you are guilty of withholding some piece of evidence, that will blow your mind Now I know the argument hurts your conscious however, I'm still waiting for the day of reckoning.

  4. In my opinion she deserves anything that comes her way, for being the mouth piece of the lyer in Chief.
    It's all about money and power.
    Destroy the snake !!!.

  5. KellyAnne is spineless. When Trump insulted her husband a few weeks ago she said nothing. That’s where I would drawn the line. I don’t care if he is the president, he wouldn’t insult my husband and get my silence in return. She showed who she really in.

  6. What? Eric needs to go back in his cave and hang upside with his fellow bats. Eric was the one who put his family on blast, bragging about the money coming out of Russia. Stupidity runs in the family. The dumbest “low lives” ever to curse the White House.

  7. Eric George did not do anything his wife said all of the alternate facts she is sorry she defended your ass hole
    father.Just leave George alone he tells it like it is and he is not attacked you I will always defend this guy so shut your piehole.If he says anything about his wife that is his business have you not learned anything from that jackass you call dad othed then being a grifter .leave George alone you snot nose punk.

  8. Is he still talking to his wife. She should be included in the investigation for her lies depending the moron in the whit house.

  9. I'm pretty sure that George Conway is getting a real good belly laugh over the Trump Child's posts on twitter. Just like a chip off the old block Eric's IQ is at the bottom of the intelligence quotient like dear old Daddy's!

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